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How VerteChain’s asset management platform helps your business

In the early days of Project Verte, we realized that to simplify the e-commerce process, we would need to provide powerful, streamlined information tools for businesses. From manufacture to fulfillment, various parties must share information at multiple points along the supply chain. How could we simplify how this data was shared? How could Project Verte’s infrastructure support this new approach?

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Why Supply Chain is Better on Blockchain

Our team built VerteChain from the ground up to support the needs of e-commerce and supply chain businesses. Although applications extend far beyond this industry, here we focus on how VerteChain can simplify interactions and data management along the supply chain. Through blockchain optimization, fully-transparent data management and streamlined control over assets, VerteChain’s platform reels in the complexities of supply chain for brands and logistics providers.

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Why brands should sell on a marketplace

We designed the myverte marketplace to highlight and champion brand identity while opening up brands to new audiences. Here are three ways the myverte marketplace extends your brand’s reach while putting your brand story front and center.

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