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The supply chain that thinks - an operating system that proactively lets retailers move with confidence into the future.

Manage Everything

We deliver purpose-built solutions that offers speed, flexibility and intelligence.

We integrate all your channels for one transparent view so you can make informed decisions; from Shopify, Instagram shopping, Amazon to your store front.

Our proprietary technology enables daily processing of 150K orders and gets your product out the door the same-day.

One AI-powered platform to manage your business

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Manage Everything

Brands gain access to real-time information across all sales channels through our integrations to eCommerce platforms, enterprise software and logistics providers. Project Verte’s engineered tools provide the insights needed to make informed business decisions and delivering a better customer journey.


Seller Platform Capabilities

  • Integrate your sales channels and automatically import data
  • Automate listing management and pricing for less cart abandonment 
  • AI driven inventory planning ensures your products are close to your customer
  • Gain insights you need to grow sales and forecast for future demand
  • Ensure two day delivery with automated fulfillment and smart stock allocation
  • Track revenue, insights and analytics over any period of time

Selling anywhere, made simple

Choose from our integrations and keep your current platforms.

Our intuitive integration model adopts your sales channels, eliminates the need to manually import data, and synchronizes notifications to your existing end-customer.

No matter which e-commerce platform you are using, Project Verte connects them all for a seamless customer journey.

Welcome to the era of unified commerce

Sell anywhere with ease: your website, marketplaces, social, search commerce, and in-store.

We centralize your channels, orders, inventory, and fulfillment on one platform enabling a seamless customer experience.

Be accessible to more shoppers and simplify your e-commerce business with our multi-channel selling solutions.

Watch sales increase and margins strengthen as you focus on your brand story and consumer experience—wherever they shop. 

Project Verte’s Comprehensive Digital Commerce Platform

Publish content to any sales channel

Multi-Site Order Management

Inventory Planning & Replenishment

Fulfillment & Transportation

Distributed logistics network

Designed to optimize unified commerce with flexible and agile fulfill-in-every way capabilities

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Nationwide two-day

ground delivery to 95% of NA population

Strategic, best in class

unified commerce partners in each region

Network-wide technology

integration for seamless coordination

Learn how you can add capacity and capabilities before the next peak.

Our ecosystem provides you the technology to sell everywhere, fulfill in any way, and manage your business all in one place.

Our cloud-based digital commerce software seamlessly integrates with your online store and propagates demand channels. We're there 100% of the way; the minute your customer places an order we get to work. Keep your brand at the forefront, we’ll handle the backend.


Fulfill in Every way

The quickest way to fulfill customer orders for less? Keep inventory close.

  • Multi-Site Fulfillment
  • Inventory
  • Transportation
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Multi-Site Fulfillment

Project Verte supports multi-channel fulfillment: your warehouses, 3PL, stores or our nationwide fulfillment network. Add new fulfillment methods as your business grows or as marketplace demands change—that’s scalability. 


  • Our robotic-equipped warehouses network minimize shipping errors and boost efficiency
  • We use automation where it fits and traditional practices where it doesn’t, such as custom packaging and omnichannel functionality
  • Our OMS drop the order in the right fulfillment center to optimize the transit and service level saving time and minimizing cost


Our proprietary inventory planning and replenishment tool enable multi-site fulfillment with a minimum increase to inventory.


  • Put your inventory where it makes sense, with specialized ambient, temp controlled, and pharmaceutical grade atmospheres
  • Deliver faster by distributing your inventory where your customer base is most densely populated 
  • Real-time stock updates and alerts on low or quick-moving inventory make replenishment a breeze
  • Offer more products on multiple channels while minimizing inventory investment


We utilize real-time rate shopping based on destination to present you with the best freight quotes, improve your shipping costs, and ensure the fastest delivery time.


  • Every order shipped is tracked in our Seller Platform for full visibility and peace of mind 
  • Freight analytics are logged for further optimization and application for future decisions
  • Verte receives heavily discounted shipping rates with major carriers, guaranteeing lower rates for you and your customers

We simplify your day-to-day so you can focus on growing your brand

We support you at every step of the customer journey. Our data analytics enables growth, boosts margin and improves satisfaction.


  • Easy integrations propagate your product catalog to a wider audience
  • Publish your inventory to be smartly searchable and curated for your customers
  • Dynamically price every product and follow each purchase en route
  • Ensure two-day delivery with automated fulfillment and smart stock allocation
  • Track orders easily with our full-service customer care and dynamic seller platform
  • Returns will never be a hassle again; we inspect, restock, and report same day

Let's Work Together!

We look forward to becoming partners with you. Our mission at Project Verte is simple.

We take the operational headaches out of running a business, so you can focus on what you do best:

Create, Innovate and Grow.

We simplify your day-to-day