Data-First Solutions for 3PL Supply Chain Challenges Webinar

Watch the replay of our third party logistics webinar and learn from 3PL experts about utilizing data to improve customer order flow.

Watch It Here:

Hear from these 3PL experts in the webinar:


Jesus Cruz 


Unified Logistic 

Jesus Cruz has more 20 years of experience and he is the President of Unified Logistic Services. Unified Logistic Services specializes in E commerce fulfillment, Final Mile and Warehousing, He uses Verte technology to manage is entire operation.


Padhu Raman

Chief Product Officer


Padhu brings in more than 20+ years of experience in designing, implementing, and delivering market-leading solutions in the marketplace, robotics, and supply chain automation space.


Ron Jarvis

Chief Operating Officer


Ron oversees supply chain management, logistics, and distribution at Quickbox. He brings an extensive background in the logistics and supply chain industry, having held leadership roles at major corporate entities.


Karl Hammes

Vice President of Sales


Karl has over 25+ years as a high performing enterprise software sales leader with extensive experience in marketing and selling technology solutions across several business models and industries.


Stephen Bullard

Senior Vice President of Operations


Steve has over 30 years of diversified global supply chain experience including customer-facing, strategic planning, and operations execution roles.

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“Data-First Solutions for 3PL Supply Chain Challenges” Webinar Topics

We covered topics that will help third-party logistics improve day to day operation management, such as:

Is your outsourced IT a mess?

Unify your customers' logistics to rely less on outsourced IT and get best practices in planning for each channel.

Can’t make sense of all the data coming in?

Compile your customers’ information in an easy to understand manner and show them how to own their inventory data for better business decisions.

Are customers churning due to outdated technology?

Replace your outdated technology with cloud systems that help your customers fulfill their orders and ensure that you are always current.

How can you compete with the Amazons of the world?

Expand your warehouse network with Fulfillment-As-A-Service to keep your costs and risks minimized while also partnering with fellow 3PLs.

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