About Us

How It Began

In 2017 while having a conversation with a few entrepreneurial friends who had started their own consumer brands, Julian Kahlon realized they were all saying some version of the same thing: “I wish I had more time to focus on building my brand, on connecting with customers - time to not be so wrapped up in the day to day.”

This point struck a chord. What service could free the time and resources brand owners need in order to focus on the core of their brand? The answer was more than one service— it would be a project. And so Project Verte was born.

Who We Are

Project Verte is a growth company that gives emerging and midsize brands the services that free them to focus on their core vision. Our full circle solution creates more time for entrepreneurs by supporting brands where they need help most: sales channel expansion, fulfillment operations and back end technology.

Our philosophy is simple, there is power in identity. When brands can tell their stories and customers can experience them directly, lasting relationships take form. By supporting a trusting community of like-minded brands and consumers, Project Verte creates satisfillment.

What is satisfillment?

When satisfaction (matter) and fulfillment (mind) integrate seamlessly to reveal our unique purpose.

Verte = Satisfillment = Purpose

Verte's purpose is to do good things for other people.