Verte’s founders come from retail, eCommerce, cybersecurity, and technology backgrounds. Due to our diverse experience, we have been in your shoes and understand the issues retailers face on a daily basis.

Combined, we have 100+ years’ experience implementing solutions, from startup growth brands to enterprise-level clients. We also develop proprietary tools to support our partners more effectively in-house.

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Our Team

Building an inclusive culture that rewards creativity is key to the success of our teams. Interested in building the future of eCommerce? Let’s talk.

Verte’s headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia with offices in New York City and Israel. We’ve built an international team that knows great brands are built on happy customers.

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Our Commitment.

We make supply chain smart and easy for retailers worldwide. We’re committed to driving positive change for retail and the planet.

We’re committed to being a part of the solution by ensuring a reliable and sustainable supply chain. To make a meaningful impact, we’re continually searching for ways to improve and innovate.

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