Automation and Visibility: The Path to 3PL Improvement

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The supply chain is evolving more quickly than ever and modern logistics businesses must be able to pivot to meet profitability goals.

To learn more, we invited executives from third-party logistics across North America to participate in a survey about how they utilize technology and their future initiatives around automation.

Download the complete executive brief to learn how today's 3PLs pave the path for success. As an added bonus, watch our webinar-on-demand investigating a few of these critical results featuring our CPO, Padhu Raman.

How Are 3PLs Preparing For Industry Demands in 2023?

The survey was designed to better understand what 3PLs are currently doing to improve fulfillment and technology operations so they can be more efficient across their business and whether they are properly set up to achieve success. Our goal was to understand:

Facility Needs And Opportunities

Where 3PLs see the most room for improvement within their facilities and the initiatives they have in place to improve.

Supply Chain Visibility

The steps 3PL executives are taking to improve supply chain visibility across their entire ecosystem.

Automation Initiatives

The types of automation tools 3PLs are looking to leverage to increase business efficiency.


Future-Proof Your 3PL With Insights From Our Survey

  • What are the top areas for improvement

  • How to improve facility throughput

  • What current automation are 3PLs using and future initiatives 

  • How automation solutions can improve your bottom line

  • How to improve visibility across all facilities

  • What initiatives 3PLs need to improve supply chain visibility

  • What types of technology should 3PLs be looking at for the future

It's Time To Determine 2023 Improvement Plans

Get the complete executive brief, “Automation and Visibility: The Path to 3PL Improvement” featuring the results of top-level executives from third-party logistic companies. Plus, receive the bonus webinar on-demand to learn which improvements to your 3PL business will have the most impact in the next 12 months.

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