Meet The Fulfillment Company That Actually Works For E-Commerce

June 29th, 2020

You started a brand because you believe in the power of quality products made by passionate people. But as your e-commerce business scales, those inspiring products quickly disappear into blackhole warehouses, reduced to numbers on a spreadsheet and countless man hours spent estimating exactly how much inventory is where. 

The average warehouse is 34 years old and struggles to meet the demands of e-commerce.  What else would you expect from a fulfillment center built a decade before the internet went public and e-commerce became…you know…a thing? 

The typical warehouse is already getting about 2% of your orders wrong with a nebulous 2-ish day processing timeframe during the slow season. That processing time is seriously costing your bottom line. In fact, 36% of online shoppers say they’re most likely to abandon their cart over slow shipping. Two days of processing before inventory is even able to ship? That’s glacial by today’s standards.

Mistakes and delays in order fulfillment cost e-commerce companies customers, online reviews, and money — human error loses fulfillment centers 11-13% of their profits, and they pass those costs on to you. 

Luckily, there is a different kind of warehouse designed to fit the needs of modern e-commerce companies. Project Verte offers a state-of-the-art fulfillment center run by the power of blockchain technology and AI. That’s a mouthful. What does it mean?

1) Total Transparency

You know EXACTLY where your inventory is and how much you have in stock every single step of the way, down to what shelf it’s on. About time; if you can track your lunch delivery crossing the street in real time, why is your company’s inventory a mystery? In traditional warehouses, employees spend hours just looking for product. If they don’t know where your inventory is, how will you?

2) 2 Hour Dock-To-Stock

No more black hole. The speed of our warehouse is unbelievable. You know that “ready to ship in 1-3 days” processing BS? Nada. Never. Next! 

3) 2 Day Shipping Anywhere In The U.S.

Because their 2 day processing only takes us 2 hours, your product is ready to ship in a snap of the fingers, 24/7. That makes 2 Day Shipping possible anywhere in the country. You don’t have to be one of the big guys to offer the shipping customers have come to expect. You’re welcome.🎉

4) Wave Goodbye To Human Error

We all know someone who sets the alarm for PM instead of AM, or pronounces it “supposably.” Human error is a big part of life. That’s why I only trust smart devices to give me directions, tell me what Cardi B’s mad about today, and process my packages.

5) Stop Losing Money On Split Orders

What I do know for sure is that if you’re keeping two different warehouses, then fulfilling orders with inventory split between the two is your #1 fulfillment cost. Project Verte makes that a thing of the past. Because of our efficiency, we guarantee you can ship, scream it for the kids in the back of the class now: 📣 ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. IN TWO DAYS! 😊 Don’t hire two warehouses to work harder when you could save money with one that works smarter

6) Black Friday Ready Every Day

Seriously, our smart warehouse is built to handle Black Friday every single day. No matter what chaos might being going on in line for the next i-Toaster, to us it’s just another Friday. And we like Fridays! Here are some GIFs that aren’t even Rebecca Black (you’re welcome, again).

It’s absolutely not too late to join the 21st century by fulfilling with Project Verte.

Email us today at to achieve your Black Friday goals.   





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