Businesses Need Better Brands: Brands Need Better Fulfillment

June 29th, 2020

WWWhat’s the Move?

If you’re a retailer who planned on eventually harmonizing your products with the online breadth of goods, this health pandemic is not the nudge you anticipated to get going on a good idea. Rather, it’s been an unavoidable push on businesses and individuals alike, requiring informed navigation and a spirit for working together in local communities and as a global humanity.

Learning opportunities often follow unfortunate events—the pandemic is no exception. Business owners are acclimating by utilizing online stores and marketplaces, but a mere presence doesn’t garner success in an extremely saturated market. Strong brand identity and attuned brand management are what transform transactions into customer journeys; connecting with consumers on a deeper, transparent level builds a trustworthy and profitable business that translates into a strong recurring customer base. Customer loyalty is achieved when the kinship between brand emphasis and package fulfillment is realized. The consumer journey doesn’t stop at the point of purchase but continues through delivery and comes to fruition during the unboxing experience. How do you achieve better fulfillment?

Success is Mutual

Brand-centricity is an aspect of fulfillment often overlooked by tech-driven, logistic-minded companies. Fulfillment providers may consider brand identity and development solely the brand maker’s responsibility to uphold, but integrity knows company. A solid fulfillment provider sees your brand as an extension of its fulfillment operations. Fifth-generation fulfillment like Project Verte plans ahead while guiding brand partnerships, by considering trends, best practices, and working backward from the scope of success to implement better processes. Brand-centricity is achieved through two key components on the provider’s part—brand-boosting services and elevated customer experience that alleviates pain points on the brand’s behalf.

Fulfillment with Project Verte

Project Verte’s unique services speak to your brand. When your customers receive their shipments from your business it’s important they feel a shared experience, one that connects them to other consumers and one with the humans behind your brand. Opening a package has gone from transactional to experiential. We want to help you accomplish this curated experience, in fact, this is exactly where we come in to develop methods that boost your brand’s recognition. As a fulfillment provider, we are responsible for having the last pair of hands on your goods before they’re sent off to future happy customers. Our special packing services are a boost to your shipment. They include:

Branded packaging

The use of branded boxes, tissue paper, and other adornments with your brand’s name and logo all over.

Subscription boxing

Recurring orders deserve consistency in timing and aesthetics! We ensure both are done with quality.

Promotion slips

Last-minute sale or special promotion? Let’s get the word out. We’ll include special inserts into your packaging at your request.

Environmental efforts

Your packaging conveys your message. If that message is minimal waste, we’ll help make that clear. Depending on your specificities, the packaging for your product can exclude plastics and unnecessary packaging extras.

Customized for Humans

Customer experience is a universal concept that is scarcely provided to its maximum potential; after all, authentic customer service pumps the heart of success. Our customer experience model is an omnichannel system we’ve adopted to support brands through a variety of platforms. We operate on a single value chain, creating touchpoints for every aspect of the package’s and customer’s journey. When our customer service relieves logistical headaches for our brands, they’re able to propel that success into their customer relationships. We see our partners as voices and creators that need custom support to better fulfill their needs so you can create authentic customer relations on your brand’s behalf.

Project Verte Promise

How does Project Verte accomplish brand-centricity? We don’t simply take the logistic approach to get goods to consumers; we’ve approached this multi-faceted, delicate art with a logical breakdown by benefitting along with our brands. Think full-circle care and consideration. Here’s our thought process: If a brand’s biggest selling point is their identity, they need time to cultivate that identity. For many creatives, this alone is a fulltime job, not to mention the tediousness of logistics. Our team knows how to best allocate human resources and technological upgrades to treat each partner as the unique source of creativity they are while providing brand-specific support. We’ll handle the backend so your brand remains at the forefront, just remember—we’re all in this together. Let’s get shipping.