Is it fair to say that Project Verte is taking on Amazon but from a social impact perspective?

June 29th, 2020

Think about Project Verte like a newer, improved version of Amazon, a Fourth Generation, so to speak. Although Amazon’s e-commerce revolution was necessary and impressive, it created a whole new world of chaos in the long run.

Before anyone could digest the new world of e-commerce, Amazon’s appetite shifted. At first, Amazon was a platform for serving brands; now it’s a platform for serving consumers. In order to compete with and price out the brands that once relied on Amazon, Amazon has created Amazon Basics, an in-house brand that can keep its margins lower than anyone else. At the same time, Amazon uses cheap tactics such as SEO depreciation or bumping rival brands off the platform completely to strengthen Amazon Basics.

Competition is good, but this is not the foundation that Amazon had originally built. Amazon isn’t just competing; they’re using their resources to be the only competitor.

This is directly and negatively impacting mid-size brands attempting to expand their channels. Sure, Amazon’s onboarding is simple, but sustaining a business in a world with unfair foundations ends up hurting mid-size brands’ identities – ultimately killing their hard-earned return-customer base.

Since Amazon started, new technology has been developed and major improvements have been made in the way businesses assess consumer information. Consumer and social behavior studies/technology have drastically changed, but enterprise businesses like Amazon fail to keep up with the times—not necessarily because they don’t want to, but because the change would directly impact their consumer’s behavior, ultimately risking the loyalty of the consumers they work so hard to maintain. This doesn’t just apply to Amazon, but to the Googles and Facebooks of the world, too. As public companies, if the market were to see a decline in users, even for a short period of time, their valuation would rapidly decrease. “Stay the same…Grow the same.”

Only an outsider can break this vicious cycle. Someone/something that doesn’t abide by these same public standards. This is where Project Verte’s philosophy comes into play.

In order to evolve, life doesn’t stop and start again. Multiple factors, whether those are mutations, war, or the introduction of a new predator, must happen in parallel with one another.

Project Verte built a technology that has little-to-no barrier to entry and allows business to simply extend what they’re already doing. By offering accessible and free tools that combine multiple business workflows (OMS, SAAS, WMS, Inventory Management Systems, external sales outlets, physical and digital locations) into one platform, Project Verte provides businesses a consolidated, easy to understand view of the entirety of their business. Project Verte’s proprietary AI system also uses that information to provide businesses optimization, access to smart money, and over business intelligence to grow in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape. We want to be constantly moving parallel alongside anyone who joins us, never creating traction.

Project Verte’s goal is to connect businesses to the tools they need, but also to use this information to crowdsource an open, transparent and easy to access hub of information through which businesses can make better business decisions. When businesses see how effective transparent, crowdsourced information on an immutable ledger (our patented blockchain technology, VerteChain) can be, this will create trust.

We tell our customers,

“We don’t want you to trust us, we want you to try us.”

Project Verte is the operating system of e-commerce. Like Windows to a computer. Like Android to the telephone. Like iOS to your iPhone. We power the backend of every single operation in your business.

Think about when Windows was first introduced to the world. An evolution, the new “invention of the wheel.” What is the world today without Windows?

We have the same opportunity to make such a difference. The conditions are the same as when Windows was introduced. The need for Project Verte in the current e-commerce landscape is immeasurable. Direct-to-consumer businesses, and even enterprise-level businesses attempting to participate in e-commerce, are desperately waiting for something new.

They’re all low-hanging fruit in the world of Project Verte.

We’re not just moving product. We’re building a movement.