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Shipping and Fulfillment
November 17th, 2020

Automation And Answers: FAQ with Project Verte

With the challenges presented throughout 2020, many eCommerce brands experienced a surge of increased activity. Keeping this in mind (while maintaining our social distance) Project Verte hosted a virtual warehouse tour and Mixology class, with CSCMP and Six Rivers Systems, to answer some of the most common 3PL questions from top eCommerce brands – while enjoying a much needed Happy Hour.

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Though you may have missed out on the drinks, we’re bringing our most frequently asked questions straight to you!

What WMS does Project Verte use?

Project Verte developed a proprietary Multi-Seller Omni-Channel WMS seamlessly integrated to it’s Unified Commerce Platform. Verte WMS is a SaaS, microservices enabled application with built-in integration adapters to 6-Rivers and other robotics systems.

What is unique about Project Verte WMS?

From the outset, Project Verte designed and developed our Unified Commerce Platform to operate with multi-seller omnichannel fulfillment centers. We then ensured it was able to reintegrate to robotic platforms and flexible warehouse execution systems.

This allows for real-time management of inventory, orders, and finances from any possible location in a supply chain. With Project Verte’s Unified Platform you are able to sell anywhere and fulfill in every way.

Is Project Verte able to integrate with mainstream WMS?

Yes! Project Verte Unified Platform has published APIs and integration platforms that can integrate with any WMS or Fulfillment systems.

Is Project Verte’s WMS standalone and can it integrate with client WMS?

Project Verte’s WMS can be implemented standalone, or as part of a unified customer journey, order capture, and delivery. Our WMS can integrate with any client system; it is flexible to meet the needs of any organization.

How long did it take for you to convert your system to 6RS?

We designed and deployed the layout, infrastructure, WMS, 6-Rivers integration, UAT, and implementation in 4 weeks as a Greenfield migration.

What can Project Verte share about integration with marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart?

Project Verte Unified Commerce platform has a built-in sales accelerator adaptor. This enables connections to 99+ marketplaces, including Amazon and Walmart. The onboarding process from marketplaces to fulfillment can be completed in less than two weeks!

To learn more about how Project Verte can help you meet your 3PL needs, contact Joe Brenner.

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