Three Easy Ways For Small Brick + Mortar Stores To Tap Into The Power Of Online Sales

June 29th, 2020

Many small businesses based on brick-and-mortar retail models are fighting tooth and nail to buck the rise of e-commerce. But online shopping’s rise in popularity shows no sign of slowing — online sales have more than doubled in the past few years, while department store sales continue to drop dramatically. That means all retail stores, including small businesses, need to adapt to e-commerce to stay above water. But that kind of adaptation can be time consuming, not to mention expensive, for small companies already strapped for resources.

Project Verte is dedicated to providing services that make it easy for brands of all sizes — including small businesses and DTC brands — to reap the benefits of e-commerce without the headache. Here are three important ways small businesses can make a big change and take advantage of the online shopping trend.

Create A Website The Easy Way + Get Discovered

MyVerte is an online marketplace that puts brands first. That means we give you the infrastructure to sell your products on your own terms, on a website that looks like you. You can use a MyVerte page as a main website, because your brand story, values, and aesthetic are front and center. Plus MyVerte allows online shoppers to discover new DTC and emerging brands among larger names like Yeezy or Koi Footwear. Plus, having an online presence lets brands make the most out of social media campaigns for increased awareness.

Fulfillment That Helps You Scale

Fulfillment warehouses can be an absolute nightmare for smaller businesses that struggle to maintain good service during unpredictable sales peaks and valleys. Project Verte’s AI powered, fully automated warehouse is built to handle Black Friday everyday of the week. In addition to holiday management, our technology means you’re covered if Kim K tweets about your all-organic scented candles and orders suddenly skyrocket. Plus, our no-BS invoicing protects small businesses against outrageous warehousing fees during slower sales times. 

Smarter Inventory Management

When it comes to shipping speed, the name of the game is inventory management. Spreading SKUs out across the country is the best way for a brand to ensure their products can reach customers as quickly as possible. This is especially important as consumer expectations for shipping speed rise thanks to the increasing availability of 2-day shipping. But paying storage fees for multiple warehouses can be rough on brands with limited resources. Luckily, brick and mortar stores have an advantage: their store rooms act as mini-warehouses, where inventory can be stored in locations across the country without additional fees. Project Verte’s all-in-one operations management software allows brands full visibility of their inventory in real time, whether products are in a warehouse or a retail location. The actionable software lets you manage all of your inventory across all sales channels. So, when you get an online order from any channel, Project Verte’s OMS lets you know exactly where the closest SKU is, and you can make informed shipping decisions to keep your customers happy. It’s an excellent tool to help brick and mortar brands take advantage of e-commerce trends. 

If you’re a brick and mortar business, taking advantage of the e-commerce boom doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Get in touch by emailing to find out how Project Verte can help make it simple.