Felipe Dantas

Commercial Manager

Felipe Dantas

He supports the Business Development Team by providing custom pricing solutions and managing standard pricing solutions, in addition to contracts execution timelines such as renewals and extensions.

“I wanted to combine knowledge and different cultures, have different experiences, know different realities. That’s what drove me here.”

Felipe’s Story

Born in Brazil, Felipe was certain he would become a lawyer, just like his parents. He was always fascinated by politics and enjoyed having enthusiastic discussions about lawmakers’ impact. After his five year law course, he decided that he was much more interested in business than solely law, so he took a job in the financial market, working with IPOs.

After getting a job at another law firm specializing in international law, Felipe fully embraced his passion for business and decided to pursue his MBA, knowing that there is a certain super power that comes with
being fluent in both law and business.

Felipe Dantas, a Verte employee smiling

Felipe The Philosopher

Felipe wants people to know that despite his friendly and extroverted personality, he is a deep thinker who enjoys spending time with himself for some quiet introspection. He is passionate about inequality of all kinds– especially regarding gender and financial privilege. When he lived in São Paulo, he volunteered for many Christmas and clothing drives, donating gifts to needy children and helping the homeless population get warm clothes and shelter during the harsh winter months.

Though Felipe grew up in a city, his great love is the outdoors. He is a big fan of hiking and enjoys exploring all the natural wonders in his new home-state of Georgia. He is also an avid reader; his recent favorite book is Uma Historia do Samba: As Origens, by Liro Neto, which is all about the political and cultural implications of Samba music in early 20th century Brazil. On a
Saturday afternoon, you can find Felipe combining his two favorite pastimes: reading outdoors.

Felipe’s fiancee is currently in Brazil and will join him in the US next year. They got engaged right before he left for the States, during a romantic vacation in Mexico. She has plans to come
to study English and business too. Coincidentally, she works also in the supply chain area, but for a Brazilian investment bank within Supply Chain Finance.

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Felipe’s Day-to-Day

Felipe uses one word to describe his Verte days: dynamic. He is responsible for the flow of information between different teams and corresponding with internal and external stakeholders.

He credits all this constant communication with different facets of the company for the amount he’s learned, especially from a sales perspective.

On a more micro level, his daily work is related to sales support; he helps Verte’s business development team price deals, understand clients’ expectations, and uses his legal background to create agreements. He is also a liaison between new clients and the Seller Success team, connecting them so onboarding can be initiated.

Felipe is very excited about Verte’s products and the opportunity to work in such a new environment with gamechangng technology. All of his previous roles were very analogic, so absorbing all he can about Verte’s unique, cutting-edge tech stack is such an exhilarating differentiator.

A full length portrait of Felipe Dantas, an employee of Verte


What are 3 characteristics that make a good leader?

Knowing how to motivate people and present them with the “big picture,” knowing how to gain team members’ confidence, and being both business-minded and good with people.

What are 3 characteristics that make a good team player?

Be receptive to people’s ideas, be clear at setting expectations, and be organized while also helping others stay organized.

What have you learned about yourself since starting at Verte?

That I can learn quickly and be versatile with regards to work.

Develop, learn, grow.

Here at Verte we are agile which gives our people the opportunity to constantly transform and grow. We’re here to be your career path. To let you develop in different directions and explore new things. To make sure you’re always learning and improving your skill set.

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