Lyubov Tulei

Business Manager

Front view of Lyubov Tulei, an employee of Verte.

She ensures that orders are fulfilled correctly and provides customers with account support, checking to see what they need. Once a business’s products hit the Verte dock, she confirms that they are received, put away correctly, and are ready for fulfillment.

“I really enjoy innovative problem-solving. Each day is new. If one way isn’t working, what needs to be changed? What do we need to create?”

Lyubov’s Story

Born in Moldova, Lyubov and her family moved to Georgia when she was a little girl and have lived in Atlanta ever since. Suffice to say that Lyubov still spends ample time with her parents, whom she sees every Sunday!

Drawn to the field of customer service due to her friendly attitude, Lyubov was working in psychiatry at Jackson & Coker when Covid-19 hit. After getting laid off because of the pandemic, she decided to take the plunge and move to San Clemente, California, enjoying the sunny weather and visits to  LA, where she hiked the Hollywood sign. While living out west, she noticed a job opening at Verte back in her hometown of Atlanta and was drawn to the challenge of working at a start-up.

A front view of an employee that works for Verte known as Lyubov Tulei

Lyubov the Trilingualist

Lyubov says that when most people first meet her, they’re surprised that she speaks three languages: Romanian, English, and Russian. She gets lots of practice from seeing her family, many of whom converse solely in their native Romanian.

Lyubov stays close to her Maldovian roots by traveling with her church to her home country and volunteering every year. She loves to work with under-served children, teaching and implementing fun activities. Lyubov is also passionate about gender equality and advocating for more women-led opportunities, both in her personal and professional lives. 

When she’s not hosting grill-outs with family, Lyubov enjoys grabbing a book and coffee and reading on her hammock. Her genres of choice are mystery and romance; her current favorite book is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, whose themes reminded her that if you feel like giving up on yourself, the supportive people in your life will uplift you.

A full view of Lybov Tulei smiling with green background

Lyubov’s Day-to-Day

Upon first meeting her Verte team members, Lyubov was blown away by how welcoming and energetic everyone was. She was especially intrigued by the warehouse technologies and the opportunity to be part of a growing company. Her main takeaway, however, was that each team member’s voice seemed to be acknowledged, no matter their position. 

Lyubov spends most days ensuring that clients’ orders are received and put away properly and that any issue of cancellation or address change is processed correctly. She especially loves utilizing her people skills to make sure all team members are on the same page, building relationships in-house as well as with clients.  The growing nature of Verte means that she is also able to creatively problem-solve, finding innovative solutions whenever she comes across a bump in the road.

Lyubov Tulei employee showcase full view


What are 3 characteristics that make a good leader?

Communication, assertiveness, being a visionary

What are 3 characteristics that make a good team player?

Positive attitude, honesty, accountability

What have you learned about yourself since starting at Verte?

“I’ve learned that I’m great at being efficient and communicating properly with the correct party to execute certain tasks that need to have a specific deadline. I’m very quick on my feet.”

Develop, learn, grow.

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