Pooja Lahoti

Industrial Engineer

Pooja Lahoti

She designs, tests, implements, and monitors new and existing warehouse processes for continuous improvement in addition to implementing Verte’s Warehouse Management System at different sites.

“[If you’re a woman in the workplace] go for that opportunity. Don’t listen to any [naysayers]. Fight for your right and make sure that you like whatever you’re doing.”

Pooja’s Story

Hailing from India, Pooja studied mechanical engineering at university for her undergraduate degree. After working in procurement, she became interested in supply chain technology, so she decided to pursue her Masters in industrial engineering at North Carolina State. She then had the opportunity to intern for Volvo and Tesla, furthering her supply chain tech education. 

Her next goal was to understand every industry concept, not only the engineering aspects. Pooja knew that working at a start-up would give her this chance as well as the opportunity to establish new projects and develop processes. 

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Pooja The Feminist

Pooja’s latest project? Watching all of the Avengers movies with her fiancé over 5-6 weekends. On her days off, she also enjoys shopping, spending time with friends, exploring new places, trying new cuisines, dancing, and playing Catan. 

Pooja’s fervor, however, lies in gender equality. She is passionate about making sure all the women in her extended family, including the youngest girls, understand that they absolutely should pursue their goals, irrespective of their chosen field.

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Pooja’s Day-to-Day

Pooja starts every day by writing down the tasks she needs to complete, listing them by priority and importance. When she first began at Verte, her responsibilities included setting up instructions and processes in addition to testing and developing new features in Verte’s Warehouse Management System. Now, she’s involved in implementation, such as setting up the WMS in other warehouses across the country. As someone who loves to adventure to new places, Pooja is thrilled by the opportunity to travel around the States. 

She also enjoys the freedom she has to initiate new projects, take ownership of assignments, and create new methods in the warehouse to improve technology efficiency. Pooja is particularly grateful to her mentor, Verte’s CPO Padhu Raman, for allowing her to collaborate on so many high-level tasks. The learning experience has been invaluable.

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What are 3 characteristics that make a good leader?

Owning your responsibilities, being a curious learner, and delivering results 

What are 3 characteristics that make a good team player?

Patience, open-mindedness, and motivating team members

What have you learned about yourself since starting at Verte?

“I learned that I am capable of multi-tasking different roles for a project, be it planning, designing, testing, or executing. I can take ownership, handle high value projects, and have improved my communication skills.”

Develop, learn, grow.

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