December 02nd, 2020

Deep Dive: Unified Commerce for the Channel-Agnostic Consumer

Waltham, Mass-based 6 River Systems (6RS), a provider of a provider of collaborative warehouse solutions and a subsidiary of multi-channel commerce platform Shopify, said last week it is working with Atlanta-based Project Verte, an e-commerce solution provider focused on helping brands grow and directly engage with customers, to support fulfillment activities at the Project Verte distribution center in Atlanta that fulfills orders for various retailers and brands.

Enabling Sellers to Connect to Every Sales Channel

Project Verte is focused on enabling sellers to connecting to every sales channel and seamlessly manage all aspects of a customer’s journey through a single seller platform, according to 6RS. Its key offerings include the Verte Seller Platform and the Verte Fulfillment Network, which offers two-day delivery. The company’s service platform powers every element of a unified commerce customer journey so that brands are able to sell from anywhere and fulfill in every way while managing everything, it added.

“Project Verte sought to collaborate with companies that share its vision of changing the future of fulfillment through technology,” said Fergal Glynn, VP of Marketing, 6 River Systems. “The company already enables brands to serve their customers with an advanced and easy-to-use digital platform for selling and fulfillment, and adding 6 River Systems’ collaborative mobile robots, called Chucks, into their warehouse, now allows them to further guarantee SLA performance and a best-in-class experience for customers. Our automation solution for its distribution centers will work alongside associates to increase accuracy, improve pick rates and reduce manual labor such as long walks and pushing heavy carts across the fulfillment floor.”

As for the main benefits of this partnership for 6RS and Project Verte customers, Project Verte CEO Bob Klunk explained that Project Verte is a full circle e-commerce solution provider that helps brands grow and directly engage with customers throughout the selling and fulfillment processes. And he added that 6 River Systems’ Chucks support fulfillment activities at Project Verte’s distribution center (DC) in Atlanta, which fulfills orders for numerous retailers and brands.

“This partnership will allow us to increase order capacity while improving pick rates,” said Klunk.

And 6RS’ Glynn followed up, noting that 6RS’ collaborative robots require very minimal training time for associates, with Project Verte’s employees having been quick to embrace Chucks and soon experienced higher workplace morale.

In terms of how this partnership will look, as for how customers will be able to leverage the cumulative services it provides. Padhu Raman, Project Verte CPO said his company’s offering, which includes the Verte Seller Platform and the nationwide Verte Fulfillment Network provides faster delivery. 

“Implementing 6 River Systems’ Chucks will increase order accuracy by dramatically reducing the amount of picking errors, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction for the brands and retailers in their national warehouse network,” said Raman. “The Chucks ensure Project Verte’s customers have a unified and seamless commerce customer journey through every step of the fulfillment process.”

Officials at both companies noted that there are myriad competitive advantages of this news for each of them.

For Project Verte, COO Klunk said this partnership allow Project Verte to further increase its fulfillment capacity and productivity ahead of peak season.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has already led many retailers to experience order demand surpassing any of their previous peak seasons to date,” he said. “This peak season, retailers are bracing for what they expect to be some of the highest demand since the beginning of the pandemic. With Chucks, we will ease the strain of the sharp order increase for associates by reducing tedious manual labor and improving pick rates. We will be equipped to handle this volume with our current labor while decreasing picking errors. Should we need to add seasonal labor, they will train quickly and perform at the same proficiency of our existing associates.”

And 6RS executive Glynn pointed to how the Atlanta-based Project Verte DC deploying Chucks will serve as 6 River Systems’ southeast hub for site tours, allowing fulfillment professionals in the Atlanta area to tour an active, high-volume warehouse powered by flexible automation solutions.

“This will allow us to continue expanding in that area and will give prospects an opportunity to see our solutions operate in an active distribution center,” said Glynn.

Author: Jeff Burman, Logistics Management, Group News Editor

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