November 24th, 2021

Manifest Commerce, in Partnership with Verte, launches the first sustainable B2B fulfillment solution for omnichannel merchants

AUSTIN, Tex. — Manifest Commerce announced an EDI compliant B2B integration today to include wholesale and retail dropshipping, supporting efficient retail operations and a plug & play SPS Commerce integration.

Project Verte and Manfiest Commerce, announced the launch of the industry’s first B2B sustainable fulfillment solution today. Manifest is the leader in omnichannel fulfillment solutions, enabling retailers to run high-powered, logistics in a sustainable, socially responsible way.

Manifest and Verte’s solutions allow merchants to meet their sustainability goals through carbon neutral shipments, informed logistics and earth-friendly fulfillment solutions. The 3PL operation uses zero plastics in all outbound shipments. Additionally, Manifest partners with sustainable industry leaders up and down the supply chain to create a fully sustainable customer experience.

Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

In addition, Verte’s technology enables real-time supply chain visibility and a data-driven platform that centralizes information, allowing peak transparency into the supply chain. Project Verte is uniquely positioned to provide aggregated data solutions that solve key industry challenges, enabling retailers, shippers, 3PLs, and carriers to operate more effectively.

This B2B offering comes just 3 months after Manifest’s initial launch with “The company experiencing rapid market expansion as more brands continue to move towards a sustainable omnichannel strategy and a more transparent global supply chain.”

“Customers want to know that their products are sustainably sourced, and this requires companies to gain more visibility into upstream activities. With this partnership, sustainable brands will be able to improve traceability, allowing them to make more eco-friendly and informed decisions. These business improvements also include forecasting the correct amount of product to manufacture (without waste), storing, and shipping,” says Verte’s CGO Yifat Baror.

Merchants now have the ability to sell and fulfill across 130 marketplaces, including Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and other big-box retailers. A unified dashboard allows merchants to see sales and distribution data in real-time to inform geo-merchandising decisions.

“We must move with the market while anticipating future growth. Modern eCommerce merchants desire efficiency, scale, and sustainability. We deliver on all of these initiatives while also keeping a strong pulse on future innovations at Manifest,” says CEO George Wojciechowski.

Future plans for Manifest Commerce include building a fully circular fulfillment model, including a sustainable return services and upcycling program.

With real-time supply chain visibility becoming ever more important, this partnership allows retailers to gain more insight and control over their logistics operations.  This visibility improves inventory management processes, and helps merchants gain more insight into upstream activities for better traceability.

Together, these two companies serve the end-to-end supply chain, providing real-time transparency and actionable insights to help brands deliver differentiated, direct-to-consumer B2B and eCommerce experiences for their customers.

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