April 07th, 2022

Modex Conference 2022 Recap

This March, we had the honor of participating in Modex 2022! The event inspired lots of excitement, networking opportunities, and showcased the best and most innovative technology in the supply chain industry. 

Verte and 6 River Systems participated in an education session and site tour of Verte’s McDonough-based facility. The education session covered new trends in technology such as the collaboration between hardware and software to improve dock-to-stock operations, and the importance of visibility across the entire supply chain. 

The site visit also included an interactive opportunity to experience the latest fulfillment technology in person. Attendees were able to “meet” with Chuck, our robots, and learn how Chuck makes picking that much easier, reducing training time and improving productivity. Guests were also treated to a make-your-own cocktail kit, which they enjoyed after the site tour! 

Two busloads of people attended the site tour, including our new customer US1 Logistics, who brought the rest of their team to tour after signing. Many sizable companies were also present, including 3PLs, B2B distributors, large grocery chains, and even Disney. Participants posited great questions and the Verte team happily answered anything that was lobbed their way.

In terms of our team members’ own experience at Modex, they had a lot to say. Our sales executive Brad Wettersten said that his highlight was the Porsche event. The Porsche event, hosted by 6 River Systems, was exclusively for networking purposes and took place at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta. Brad was able to chat with team members from some incredible companies, including Plumbing and Heating Warehouse, Zip Shop, Redstone Logistics, and Quality Bicycle Products, among others. Brad mentioned that he particularly enjoyed exploring some of the emerging supply chain technologies, especially those that are mitigating bottlenecks.

Our sales executive Cris Lauer also had an exceptionally good time. Not only did he sign new technology customers while they walked the show, but he also met up with other technology prospects at the Porsche event. One prospect discussed his upcoming warehouse expansion and distribution initiatives. Cris was also able to network with a team member from Reseido, a spinoff from Honeywell, about their cross-border manufacturing and distribution needs. 

All in all, the event was fantastic and well attended and, as our VP of Sales Karl Hammes mentioned, full of energy and information. We’re already looking forward to MODEX 2023!

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The Verte Team

Written by The Verte Team

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