January 27th, 2021

Verte Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management. Goods come in; goods go out. Sounds simple.

In today’s reality, it is anything but. Consumers and businesses have new and evolving demands. The dynamics of selling, buying and fulfilling continue to morph. For small to medium retailers and brands, keeping pace with e-commerce growth that wasn’t expected until 2025 is daunting.

Your customers expect the same SLAs. If you fail, you lose your customer. You hurt your brand. Project Verte understands the challenges you face today. Our Verte Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed to do more than move goods. It improves your warehouse execution to optimize efficiency, increase accuracy, reduce time and decrease cost.

The Verte Warehouse Management System is a software as a service (SaaS). It quickly and easily integrates with your existing systems to connect your supply chain, sales channels and fulfillment networks. It leverages the Verte Seller Portal to enable the visibility you and your partners need to intelligently collaborate.

Verte WMS is integrated into the Verte blockChain technology and seamlessly connected to Verte Unified PLatform – this results in network-wide intelligent data fueled by machine learning and AI to help you efficiently grow your business and keep your customers happy.

The Verte Warehouse Management System delivers:

  • Inbound Logistics – appointments, ASN and shipment management, unpacking, quality check, sorting and put away to ensure you have the right products where and when you need them
  • Outbound Logistics – order management, wave processing, pick, pack, manifest, ship and manage exceptions to keep your promise to your customers 
  • Inventory Management – inventory handling and control, cycle counting, tracking and reporting to improve forecasting and reduce overhead and carrying costs
  • Returns Management – inspection services, reverse logistics, inventory disposition and returns credit management to simplify returns and exchanges for your customers
  • System Management –business analytics, dashboards and reporting, productivity monitoring, location, product catalog and user management to keep costs in check and optimize productivity

In addition to a comprehensive warehouse management system, Project Verte offers clients the option to utilize its warehouse facilities and fulfillment services.

  • Nine warehouses network strategically located across the United States
  • Ambient, temperature controlled and pharmaceutical-ready locations
  • Nationwide 2-day ground delivery to 95% of North American population
  • Network-wide integration for seamless coordination
  • Multichannel capable for ecommerce
  • Person to goods and Goods to Person fulfillment combining manual and state-of-the-art robotics

“The company (Project Verte) already enables brands to serve their customers with an advanced and easy-to-use digital platform for selling and fulfillment, and adding 6 River Systems’ collaborative mobile robots, called Chucks, into their warehouse, now allows them to further guarantee SLA performance and a best-in-class experience for customers. Our automation solution for its distribution centers will work alongside associates to increase accuracy, improve pick rates and reduce manual labor such as long walks and pushing heavy carts across the fulfillment floor.”

-Fergal Glynn, VP of Marketing, 6 River Systems

Built to Transform, Fast to Deliver

The Verte Warehouse Management System is designed to transform the way warehouses execute to efficiently respond to shifts in demand regardless of the selling channel. Part of Project Verte’s unified commerce ecosystem that allows you to sell anywhere and fulfill in every way, the WMS is market ready in just a few weeks. You decide on the implementation pace. Integration with any platform is straightforward giving you the flexibility to protect your existing technology investments or upgrade your systems with ease.

As a change management packaged WMS, the Verte Warehouse Management System is adaptable, less expensive and operator friendly so you can:

  • Collaborate intelligently with your partners
  • Improve inventory accuracy and forecasting
  • Mitigate out-of-stocks
  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Process more orders faster
  • Reduce labor requirements
  • Optimize shipping costs
  • Diminish time to ship
  • Accelerate warehouse processes up to 3 to 4 times
  • Decrease human errors

Take control. Adapt to change. Build your brand. Capture new customers. Grow your business. That’s Project Verte commitment to you.

The Verte Team

Written by The Verte Team

We simplify the supply chain by increasing visibility for the entire product journey. Utilizing an AI powered management platform, we connect the dots between your sales channels, warehouses, 3PLs, shipping partners, and more. Whether you need inventory, order, or warehouse management technology, Verte will partner with your business so you may deliver a seamless customer experience using innovative technology and a superior supply chain network. With the Verte Unified Commerce Platform, your business will have the speed, flexibility, and intelligence to optimize your entire supply chain, increase profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction.