December 08th, 2021


Get a product solution that can handle your most demanding applications. When you’re juggling sales, order picking, multiple channels, and fulfillment, you need trusted resources to help you stay ahead. With software solutions from Verte, you can empower your business to grow, focus on goals, and keep customers happy. Our offerings automate key processes for you and simplify management under one platform, so you can tackle management responsibilities with less time and effort.

Wondering what options best fit your budget and needs? At Verte, we’re committed to being upfront about product costs to help you make informed decisions. Take a look at our offerings and pricing!

Manage All Commerce Platforms in One With Software From Verte

Stay ahead of the curve with Verte software. Whatever you’re looking for to address your operational needs, we can offer solutions that fit your workflow, business scale, and operating capacity. Our solutions include:

  • Sales and audit cloud platform: Manage auditing and sales accurately and efficiently with an accessible cloud platform that delivers organization-wide visibility.
  • Multi-enterprise integration framework: Need to handle multi-enterprise integration? Our software offers seamless integration based on your needs.
  • Order picking automation systems: When you automate order picking, you can simplify management, ensure picking accuracy, and boost productivity rates.
  • Agnostic integrations software: Agnostic software isn’t limited to one platform — it delivers functionality across multiple systems to best fit your applications.
  • Multichannel selling solutions: You can ensure order capture and fulfillment is precise and straightforward across all your sales channels with our software.

Upfront Pricing for Optimized eCommerce Solutions

We offer trusted solutions for your unique needs, and our expert team is ready to work with your budget and operational requirements. We’ll work with you to build plans tailored to the scale of your business. Pricing for different operating capacities is as follows:

  • Startup: This plan is customized for a company with less than 15,000 orders per month. Order fulfillment services start at $2.00 USD per unit.
  • Growth: A business with 15,000 to 25,000 orders per month can take advantage of this plan. Order fulfillment services start at $1.85 USD per unit.
  • Scale: We can work with companies receiving 25,000 to 60,000 orders per month with this option. Order fulfillment services start at $1.15 per unit.
  • Enterprise: Our enterprise plan is for businesses with 60,000 to 175,000 orders a month. Order fulfillment services start at $1.00 USD per unit.
  • Enterprise+: We can develop a customized plan for companies that take over 175,000 orders per month.

Let Verte Handle Your Backend Operations

Let Verte do the heavy lifting so you can prioritize your business goals. With operating systems that work quickly and intelligently to fit your workflow, we empower your business to create an advanced supply chain. Whatever your company’s goals, we can help support you in accomplishing more with your eCommerce strategy. Handle supply and demand, automate critical processes, and deliver superior products for your customers with reliable and versatile solutions for your needs.

Want more information about our product offerings? We’re here to help. Talk with us today about our solutions and pricing.

The Verte Team

Written by The Verte Team

We simplify the supply chain by increasing visibility for the entire product journey. Utilizing an AI powered management platform, we connect the dots between your sales channels, warehouses, 3PLs, shipping partners, and more. Whether you need inventory, order, or warehouse management technology, Verte will partner with your business so you may deliver a seamless customer experience using innovative technology and a superior supply chain network. With the Verte Unified Commerce Platform, your business will have the speed, flexibility, and intelligence to optimize your entire supply chain, increase profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction.