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August 09th, 2022

Building the Future of Supply Chain

The Arrival of the New-Age Consumer-Centric Distribution Network

When hearing about the supply chain, the most recent stories are centered around disruption such as continuing issues with U.S. ports, a breakdown in the flow of goods, manufacturing, or the delivery of products. While many of these issues are indeed impacting the supply chain for many brands and retailers, there is a missing, and vital, element to this story. The missing link is strategic partnerships. 

Whether you are a brand, retailer, or supply chain provider such as a third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse, partnerships with supply technology providers are crucial to help drive innovation and build the foundation of a customer-centric supply chain strategy. 

Recently, CHAIN Magazine spoke with our partner and customer, Ram Gopalakrishman, CEO and Founder of Bricz on the importance of building the supply chain of tomorrow by diversifying their technology partners.    

Here are a few key takeaways from this month’s cover article.

Form Strategic Relationships

It can seem like supply chain technology is a dime a dozen. However, this is hardly the case. While there are many vendors who may be easy to find, the fact is finding the right partner that will enhance your supply chain strategy, integrate with other technologies, as well as offer the necessary processes and visibility to meet business needs can be harder than you think

There is no secret recipe but supply chain solution providers like Bricz have been able to explore new opportunities and build a valuable network of supply chain partners.

Ram Gopalakrishman, CEO and Founder of Bricz commented that “we started to position ourselves as connectors of the dots between the people, process, and technology in supply chain.”  He continued, “we help people transform from a traditional set-up to a more modern distribution landscape.” This requires a number of partnerships with key supply chain technology providers.

Focus on a Customer-Centric Strategy

The customer experience is one of the most important attributes of an eCommerce or omnichannel distribution strategy. While warehouse management systems (WMS) originally offered the most opportunities for many supply chain providers, today’s businesses need more than a WMS. Gone are the days of a basic logistic-centric business. As more and more consumers switch to e-commerce purchasing or a mix of channels, retailers and brands must be able to implement new commerce strategies to complement consumer buying trends—-in addition to being able to integrate with their 3PL providers’ systems and technologies.

By utilizing Verte technology, Ram spoke of how Bricz has “become the central architect of the supply chain journey to consumer-centric networks, determining the capacity of the micro-fulfillment center, the specific product sub-sets, and the quantities needed for each location. Our AI/ML platform continuously lends and adapts to provide these recommendations.”  

Address the Full Lifecycle of the Supply Chain

As businesses look for technology solutions that help build the strategic relationships required to meet profitability goals or customer-centric fulfillment needs, they must also consider what types of technology, or technologies, they will need. Businesses need a holistic supply chain platform—such as the Verte Unified Commerce Platform—which is why Bricz partnered with Verte.

Ram says, “Many organizations are looking for a single platform that will tie everything together and make the whole supply chain process interconnected, as well as a solution that is quick and easy to implement. They are looking for one solutions provider offering a unified platform that gives visibility throughout the entire order lifecycle, enabling technology through each of the different steps on the way to getting the product in the hands of the consumer.” Ram continued, “Verte has built technology from the ground up to address the full lifecycle of the distribution supply chain Journey. It is exciting to be working with them!”

Collective Value for the Customer 

Collaboration is the name of the game for retailers, brands, 3PLs, or any supply chain provider in today’s marketplace. From integrations, warehouse management, order management, inventory, shipping, and even last-mile delivery, strategic partnerships are the keys to success for those looking to deliver a transparent supply chain.

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Chelsea Mori

Written by Chelsea Mori

Chelsea Mori is an experienced marketing and demand generation strategist with nearly 20 years of B2B experience. She oversees the strategic direction for demand generation, campaigns, and brand awareness programs to solidify Verte as a leader in supply chain technology. A multi-dimensional marketing professional, Chelsea has built a track record of driving new business through creative demand and lead generation programs.