July 07th, 2022

Changing Fulfillment Operations Without Losing Demand Channel Connectivity or Downtime

Whether you're handling changes at multiple 3PL facilities or your own facility, you need to know how to handle the logistics and ramifications of the process smoothly to maintain your current momentum and productivity levels.

As valuable as changing your fulfillment processes might be, it's still a significant disruption. You need the right strategy to manage the transition properly. Let's explore some key solutions you can rely on to help get your stakeholders and team on board while keeping the change smooth. 

1. Create a Plan

One key is to set a realistic timeline and choose dates for different stages of the process. Ensure your deadlines are manageable and can work with your current capabilities. You'll also want to create a comprehensive budget covering capital, one-time expenses, and labor costs. Consider how you can allocate your existing equipment and resources, and identity any rentals or additional equipment you'll need to source.

With a straightforward program in place, you'll be able to keep everyone on the same page and stay proactive.

2. Communicate

Communication from start to finish is a critical part of the transitional process. As you transition to a new fulfillment location, ensure you're expressing essential goals, timelines, and benchmarks with everyone on the team. It's also vital to engage with your stakeholders about collaboration and troubleshooting before starting. Proactively anticipate the logistics involved and ensure everyone's on the same page about allocating resources.

You'll want to ensure all parties you work with know about the relocation as well. Some primary groups to notify include the following:

  • Phone company
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Customers
  • Expedited shippers
  • Common carriers

Check if you need to update information on your website, adjust returns information on shipping packaging, or provide any details to customers about order processing changes. You'll want to keep all client-facing documentation and instruction updates on relevant changes so they know what to expect. 

3. Give Yourself Enough Time

When planning your operations relocation, you need adequate time to handle the process properly. Keep in mind that the time your transition takes may vary depending on your operational scale. You can expect to use more time if you need to move material handling equipment or other resources, get new automation systems, or implement other complex solutions.

Remember to factor in installation and testing times once you've set up any new systems. You'll want to be sure you can comfortably get your team adjusted in the time frame you've given vendors, stakeholders, and clients.

4. Work With Your 3PL Partner

As you navigate a significant operations transition, relying on a trusted 3PL partner can be integral. With the proper support, you can streamline the process and help to maximize uptime. You have many different logistics and details to manage, and your partner can take some of the responsibilities off your shoulders so you can focus on priorities. 

With a 3PL services provider, you can trust an experienced, outsourced team to handle inventory management for you. You can also consult with your partner early in the planning process to help build a strategy that works for you. They can evaluate your new systems and confirm that they'll work smoothly with your existing systems. 

Take advantage of optimized inventory reporting and management to help minimize transitional disruptions.

Trust Verte With Your Changing Fulfillment Operations

Trust Verte With Your Changing Fulfillment Operations

When you're transitioning to a new fulfillment operations location, Verte is here to help with the logistics support you need. Our intelligent, flexible, and fast operating system equips you to maximize productivity while letting us handle inventory management.

For more information on our solutions, contact us for a product demo today.

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The Verte Team

Written by The Verte Team

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