October 06th, 2022

Decide Which Supply Chain Technology Is Right for Your Brand

Decide which supply chain technology is right for your brand

Implementing supply technology can be a powerful tool to optimize your business processes. When you use an intuitive system, you can automate critical processes and manage your inventory and shipping more easily. If you're considering supply chain technology options, you want to find the best fit for your unique needs.

Depending on your requirements, you can look for a few different capabilities and features to select an effective system flexible to your needs. Let's talk about some top options to consider and how you can choose the right one for your business.

Integration Management Technology

With integration management technology, you get a solution that combines all aspects of your system into one convenient platform. You'll get increased visibility into your overall operations, and you can more successfully implement current processes. It's an ideal option to help you stay on top of fluctuating demand, changing inventory needs, and day-to-day automation and fulfillment.

At Verte, we offer a seamless integration manager that gives you access to all the capabilities you need through one system. It's scalable to your e-commerce operations and helps you automate. It lets you automatically capture orders through various channels with more than 100 integrations. Available to work with any system from ERP to PIM, the Verte solution can help you get better visibility across your supply chain.

Order Management Technology

An order management solution tracks all processes and transactions from order entry to after-sales support. As a digital lifecycle management system, it gives you visibility into the entire order fulfillment and inventory management process.

With the Verte order management solution, we help you take control of all your order management requirements. You can optimize fulfillment efficiency with data automation, catalog product details, and easily extract information for analysis. With a bird's-eye view of your entire product management system, you can save on overhead costs, enhance overall data quality, and stay on top of stocking and kitting requirements.

Warehouse Management Technology

When you implement a warehouse management system to support your operations, you get enhanced oversight of your facilities. This technology helps you track all warehouse operations, from storing inventory and planning workloads to monitoring shipments. With this solution, you have the tools to manage your entire supply chain from distribution center to store shelf.

Verte's warehouse management offerings give you real-time insights into what's happening at your site. You can automate key processes, integrate with robotics systems, and streamline inventory fulfillment. With our flexible configurations, you can customize the system to your unique needs. You'll be able to handle value-added services, manage stored stock, process returns, and optimize shipments.

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Verte Is the Supply Chain Technology Right for Your Brand

When you need a supply chain technology solution you can trust, Verte is here to help. We're a team of experts with the technological capabilities to elevate your management capacity and visibility. As a leader in the e-commerce and retail space, we understand the demands you navigate. Our solutions help you make your operations more effective and efficient day-to-day.

Ready to explore how we can support your brand? Get in touch with us to learn more.

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Chelsea Mori

Written by Chelsea Mori

Chelsea Mori is an experienced marketing and demand generation strategist with nearly 20 years of B2B experience. She oversees the strategic direction for demand generation, campaigns, and brand awareness programs to solidify Verte as a leader in supply chain technology. A multi-dimensional marketing professional, Chelsea has built a track record of driving new business through creative demand and lead generation programs.