Overte Community-powered financing

Overte’s sole mission is to help small-to-medium sized brands grow. Current finance options for retail businesses are not always optimal: some charge high fees, offer lower percentages for invoice purchases or are built around the timelines and expectations of more conventional retail models.

Offering services at little-to-no cost to the Project Verte community, Overte provides financial services for vendors including purchase order funding, inventory funding, factoring and credit lines. All financial services are designed specifically for the needs of growing direct-to-consumer e-commerce businesses.

When demand spikes through an e-commerce channel, Overte is able to finance inventory so vendors can meet that demand. In addition, analytics and data syncing through the Satisfillment Centers allows Overte to understand a vendor’s fundamentals and extend fast credit accordingly.

Overte frees up capital for brands to invest in what matters most to them: business development, marketing, sales and innovation.