Why Supply Chain is Better on Blockchain

Our team built VerteChain from the ground up to support the needs of e-commerce and supply chain businesses. Although applications extend far beyond this industry, here we focus on how VerteChain can simplify interactions and data management along the supply chain. Through blockchain optimization, fully-transparent data management and streamlined control over assets, VerteChain’s platform reels in the complexities of supply chain for brands and logistics providers.


Is it fair to say that Project Verte is taking on Amazon but from a social impact perspective?

Think about Project Verte like a newer, improved version of Amazon, a Fourth Generation, so to speak. Although Amazon’s e-commerce revolution was necessary and impressive, it created a whole new world of chaos in the long run.


Businesses Need Better Brands: Brands Need Better Fulfillment

If you’re a retailer who planned on eventually harmonizing your products with the online breadth of goods, this health pandemic is not the nudge you anticipated to get going on a good idea. Rather, it’s been an unavoidable push on businesses and individuals alike, requiring informed navigation and a spirit for working together in local communities and as a global humanity.

Case Studies

Episode 059: Providing "Satisfillment" to Small Retailers

A Conversation with Padmanabhan Raman Project Verte.


Automated Warehouses Are The Environmentally Sustainable Answer To Fulfillment

How can brands meet the growing need for environmental sustainability? Two words. Automated Fulfillment.


Meet The Fulfillment Company That Actually Works For E-Commerce

Does your fulfillment service offer real-time inventory visibility and 2 hour order-to-shipping times? No?!! Black Friday might be a mess...

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Project Verte is Prepared to Immediately Accept Sellers and Brands

Project Verte is Prepared to Immediately Accept Sellers and Brands Seeking Alternatives to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) in Automated Fulfillment Center in Atlanta; Launches Covid-19 Supplies Operation

Thought Leadership

Your Introductory Guide To Digital Traceability & Digital Identity In Retail

Blockchain technology is shaping the future of retail through digital traceability and digital traceable identity. Here's a beginner's guide.

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4 Companies Pushing The Boundaries Of Blockchain Application

How is blockchain used in the real world? These four companies show how diverse blockchain really is, from finance to charity and decentralized computing power.

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Is A Subscription Service Right For Your Brand?

Easy questions to evaluate whether a subscription service is right for your brand. Especially helpful for small businesses or DTC brands!

Thought Leadership

How VerteChain’s asset management platform helps your business

In the early days of Project Verte, we realized that to simplify the e-commerce process, we would need to provide powerful, streamlined information tools for businesses. From manufacture to fulfillment, various parties must share information at multiple points along the supply chain. How could we simplify how this data was shared? How could Project Verte’s infrastructure support this new approach?

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How To Fix Your Black Friday E-Commerce Disaster Before It Happens

It's not too late to get your e-commerce brand ready for Black Friday. Don't let inefficient fulfillment processes stand in your way.