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Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; the retail industry has a significant responsibility to help positively impact the environment. Many retailers are striving to become greener by switching packaging or source materials for their products. But the difficulties of providing a truly sustainable supply chain are paramount and fragmented. For sellers who wish to have a truly circular shopping model, obstacles abound: the cost to be verified as Fair Trade is exorbitant and there is little support for a seamless, truly environmentally-friendly customer journey.


Micro Fulfillment Centers: The Way of The Future

Micro fulfillment centers were always the way of the future; Covid-19 only accelerated the demand. The uptick in ecommerce orders created a drastically over-saturated supply chain and retailers have had to get creative with how they’re fulfilling orders considering the current market. This is where micro-fulfillment centers come in, an innovative way to keep customers happy as we enter a new age of ecommerce.


Cybersecurity & Retail: Keeping Your Customers’ Data Safe

For small, digitally native businesses, adapting new cybersecurity measures is crucial in the age of new retail. The change to a predominantly ecommerce environment means that brands are even more susceptible to hackers, since retailers are processing and storing even more sensitive data. In an unfortunate statistic, 24% of all 2020 cyber-attacks were targeting retailers. So how can businesses shield themselves from breaches?

Thought Leadership

Multichannel Selling Challenges: Creating a Unified Customer Brand Experience

In today’s commerce, a brand no longer controls the customer’s experience from start to purchase to delivery. A customer might explore a brand’s products in any number of virtual or physical stores, ultimately purchasing through a different channel altogether. How can a brand create and maintain a consistent experience across all channels and touch points?


Verte Warehouse Management System

Take your warehouse operations to the next level with a modern SaaS-based solution designed to optimize efficiency


Sell Everywhere

Consider consumers in this new commerce setting; they’re shopping online and doing so in as few clicks as possible. The digital shopper seeks a seamless flow from product discovery to purchase with touchpoint convenience across all channels, and a richer, more curated shopping experience. People are looking to be a part of a community of brands and other buyers—to feel both connected and accommodated. Selling on all relevant channels ensures more accessibility to more buyers while maximizing the chance of brand discovery.

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Deep Dive: Unified Commerce for the Channel-Agnostic Consumer

This free report forms part of our Innovator Intelligence series, which focuses on emerging technologies that are disrupting traditional retail and fueling innovation across the retail value chain.


Automation And Answers: FAQ with Project Verte

With the challenges presented throughout 2020, many eCommerce brands experienced a surge of increased activity. Keeping this in mind (while maintaining our social distance) Project Verte hosted a virtual warehouse tour and Mixology class, with CSCMP and Six Rivers Systems, to answer some of the most common 3PL questions from top eCommerce brands - while enjoying a much needed Happy Hour.

Thought Leadership

What is Unified Commerce and what does it mean to your customer?

At its core, unified commerce responds to the disruptive shifts in retail by merging the front end and back end systems into a single platform. In other words, it merges the omnichannel and multichannel for a more holistic system. By consolidating into one platform, brands can gain a single view of sales, networks, and inventory across digital and physical channels. It also allows merchants to gain a single view of customer behavior at every touchpoint irrespective of the channel. Through this agile technology, retailers can offer consistent shopping experiences.


Project Verte heralds deployment of Six River Systems’ fulfillment services at Atlanta-based DC

Waltham, Mass-based 6 River Systems (6RS), a provider of a provider of collaborative warehouse solutions and a subsidiary of multi-channel commerce platform Shopify, said last week it is working with Atlanta-based Project Verte, an e-commerce solution provider focused on helping brands grow and directly engage with customers, to support fulfillment activities at the Project Verte distribution center in Atlanta that fulfills orders for various retailers and brands.

Thought Leadership

Project Verte at LTNA Savannah Conference 2020

Project Verte is heading to Savannah, Georgia for this year's Logistics and Transportation Association of North America National Conference.


Why Supply Chain is Better on Blockchain

Our team built VerteChain from the ground up to support the needs of e-commerce and supply chain businesses. Although applications extend far beyond this industry, here we focus on how VerteChain can simplify interactions and data management along the supply chain. Through blockchain optimization, fully-transparent data management and streamlined control over assets, VerteChain’s platform reels in the complexities of supply chain for brands and logistics providers.

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