Why brands should sell on a marketplace

We designed the myverte marketplace to highlight and champion brand identity while opening up brands to new audiences. Sales on marketplaces account for 43% of all online retail. However, many emerging brands are missing out on this opportunity because they worry about losing their brand identity and story in the process.

Brands know that today’s consumers, particularly Gen Z and Millennial shoppers care a lot about what they buy and where they buy it from. Shoes aren’t just shoes. They come from a particular designer or were inspired by a contemporary artist. They’re part of a campaign to raise awareness for recycling programs and are produced sustainably in Peru. These details create value for brands by telling stories that resonate with their core audiences.

However, the ability to tell a good brand story shouldn’t change because of the sales channel. Here are three ways the myverte marketplace extends your brand’s reach while putting your brand story front and center:

1. Discovery
We are designed for customers to interact with brands rather than simply search for products. When customers experience the right brand messaging they are more likely to engage with the brand and become part of the brand’s community.

2. Customized Brand Pages
Each and every brand has a homepage built around their own assets that tells their story. Your brand’s logo goes at the top in the header, with a full-size hero image for your brand. The page also highlights your founding story or mission, ensuring that customers learn about your brand while they discover your products. You determine the brand descriptions and details 100% so that consumers hear your story the right way.

3. Brand Insights
Our technology allows brands to know exactly which products, content and skus customers are interacting with. We give them better user analysis so they can move their brand forward. Our technology is designed to grow the participating brands first.

Now is the time for brands to explore, expand and grow their base. myverte presents opportunities for emerging brands to sell on a marketplace while telling their story on their terms from day one.

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