Understand the Costs and Benefits Behind Verte's Technology

Download the Verte Technology ROI Calculator Tool to find exactly how we can improve the bottom line for your entire supply chain technology including IT, ERP, CRM, Case Management, Store Experience, Warehouse Fulfillment, Order Fulfillment, Inventory, Transportation, and more!

Download the Verte ROI Calculator Tool:

Verte Technology ROI Calculator Tool Considers All Aspects Of Your Supply Chain

In addition to your general business metrics, we look at the costs of your integrations, warehouse and order fulfillment, inventory management, and transportation. After calculating the average investment with our all-in-one technology, we break down the benefits you'll realize over the first 5 years.

Factors our tool considers:

General Business Metrics

These include the figures you'd expect such as Annual Revenue, Gross Margins, Net Margins, and Average Inventory.

Integration Costs

We look at the costs of your integration employees and EDI partners, as well as the costs for your software, transactions, and upgrades.

Warehousing and Order Fulfillment

In addition to how much you're spending on your WMS, we consider how much you're currently spending on errors and damaged goods.

Inventory Management

We'll consider the number and value of your annual transactions, as well as the spend on your audit fulfillment resources and dropship.


As an optional consideration, we look at the spend on your transportation, TMS, and transportation employee costs.


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