How your brand can build a more sustainable supply chain webinar

How Your Brand Can Build a More Sustainable Supply Chain

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Verte hosted an event with leading supply chain professionals from Manifest Commerce, Cerqular, Sendle, and Ecocart on how to implement eco-friendly practices into the supply chain.

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What steps do today's brands need to take to become greener?
Sustainability is a huge buzzword; brands are expected to follow eco-friendly protocols from sourcing to delivery. But how can they begin implementing these practices?
Join Verte and a few of today's leading sustainability-minded eCommerce companies discuss the most effective solutions to bolster your brand and the planet:
    • Manifest Commerce: An entirely green 3PL, discussing eco-friendly fulfillment and warehousing
    • Sendle: A 100% carbon-neutral shipping company, discussing the benefits of greener packaging and shipping
    • Cerqular: A leading marketplace platform for sustainable goods, discussing the advantages of selling alongside other sustainable retailers
    • EcoCart: A software for calculating eCommerce businesse's ecological footprints, discussing the value of sustainably-minded transparency 
    • Verte: An AI-backed supply chain company company, discussing the eco-friendly benefits of forecasting supply and demand

Learn from Industry Experts

david 2cerqular

David Friedrichs

Co-Founder & CEO



Richa Wolfson

Head of Partnerships



Dane Baker

Co-Founder & CEO



George Wojciechowski

Co-Founder & CEO

Manifest Commerce


Stephen Bullard

SVP Operations



Yifat Baror

Chief Growth Officer