Unified Commerce Platform

Our unified commerce platform helps you connect the dots and gain real-time visibility into your eCommerce and supply chain operations, making it easier to forecast growth and improve profitability.

What Is Unified Commerce? And Why Do I Need It?

Unified commerce is the practice of connecting your customer-facing eCommerce platform, like Amazon, for example, with your order management software, such as Quickbooks. This supports a more unified view of the customer’s journey, and also makes it easier for a business to track key metrics.

With Verte You’ll Get:

Over 100+ Integrations

Seamlessly connect with 100+ channels: marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, shipping carriers, and 3PL fulfillment centers  or use our open API to integrate as you grow.

Advanced Inventory Management

Scale your business with advanced inventory management software across channels and get deeper analytics into the shipping and fulfillment status of individual orders.

Real-Time Performance Insights

Optimize your business with real-time data: view current stock vs sales and forecast for future demand, increasing your profitability.  Get full visibility of your order and inventory data across key selling channels to effectively manage ecommerce performance and plan for business growth.

A lady with her shoes and a graph showing sales to portray Vertes system

Sell more —
Worry less

Whether you run one store or sell across multiple channels, we set you up for success with our unified commerce system, from technology integration to shipping logistics.

Integrating seamlessly with all major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, such as Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Magento, BigCommerce, we remove the headache of questioning whether your technologies will work together. Take your eCommerce to another level with a unified commerce system.

A lady using a machine to automatically pick packages

Put your data to work

A warehouse with packages showing a system that offers unified commerce
An employee pushing a package into a truck
FedEx trucks parked infront of a warehouse

Track, manage, and organize your inventory levels, customer orders, sales orders, shipment schedule, and more with convenience.

Make informed business decisions and control your order flow– view orders across warehouses, 3PLs, stores, and pop-ups.

  • Integrate sales channels to sync data
  • Automate listing and pricing to reduce cart abandonment
  • Ensure products are close to your customers with AI-driven inventory planning
  • Enable 2-day delivery with automated fulfillment and smart stock allocation
  • Track revenue, insights, and analytics over any period
A man receiving his packages from a delivery lady

Keep moving forward.
We got you.

You can set up new products, adjust replenishments, and allocate inventory efficiently and accurately with our Unified Commerce Platform, giving you more time to laser focus on your customers.

A man receiving his parcel
A man sitting working on a laptop and a lady standing beside him looking at the screen
  • Gain a complete overview of inventory shipments and multi-channel sales
  • Tap into real-time inventory tracking to see expected and received items
  • Receive alerts for low-stock, aging, and disruptions automatically
  • Take advantage of a robust inventory replenishment planner
A warehouse with packages that are ready to be shipped

Keep getting smarter

With Verte, you can adjust quickly to industry and inventory shifts to deliver the ultimate customer experience. 

Maintain an optimal stock level by simplifying inventory allocation between your sales channels with a pick-and-pack process.

  • View everything in one place, from product information to shipping labels
  • Get automatic updates as you allocate inventory
  • Print shipping documents from anywhere
  • Predict your future needs with help from AI
“Verte’s advanced technology helps us keep the customer journey as the sole focus, and provides detailed insights into our operations enabling us to optimize supply chain functions for our partners.”
Tom Wicky, Co-Founder – FBA Prep

Verte provides retailers with the tools to grow revenue while increasing productivity.