The Verte Fulfillment Network

Transform your 3PL Competitor into a Partner

Expand Your Geographic Coverage

The Verte Fulfillment Network is a community of warehouses and third-party logistic centers all across the US. We are in the new era of supply chain; it’s time to conquer problems together instead of apart.

By partnering with the Network, you can:

  • Fill your warehouse distribution center
  • Grow your client base
  • Achieve more visibility in the industry
  • Offer your customers more locations to fulfill their inventory for faster shipping to their end-consumer.
Warehouse Distribution Center

Optimize Your Business’s Reach

Your customers want their goods in a timely manner, no matter where they are in the country. The Verte Fulfillment Network community of 3PL’s can help you do that, and more, while leveraging your existing capabilities and introducing you to a larger customer base.

  • Get your products closer to your customers by allocating inventory in third-party logistics e-commerce fulfillment centers across the country
  • Speed up product shipping times by increasing your geographic reach
  • Reduce costs by having the best customer fit in your facility
  • Improve customer satisfaction with Verte’s fulfillment service experts

Our Standards

  • Operating Performance – Review Verte’s warehouse standards, we confirm our partners are operating at our standards – We take pride in our VFN partners and will make sure that we are on the same page regarding operational performance and SLAs.
  • We align our rate cards: We will use an agreed upon rate card, ensuring neither party has financial gaps.
  • We will match the ideal client to the VFN partner, determined by the SOW – We will always present our VFN partners with well-suited fulfillment clients. We determine fit by having potential clients fill out a detailed scope of work form.

Jumpstart your growth with us: boost your recognition in the industry by partnering with well-known 3PLs.

Offboard inventory to another 3PL in the network! Or expand your client manager; the VFN handles the sales while you handle the fulfillment.

The VFN helps you pivot your clients to another, more fitting 3pl without losing customer satisfaction or breaking ties.

It’s the new age of supply chain management, which means that we need to disrupt the traditional disconnection among 3pls. Together, we can help each other’s businesses, filling in each other’s gaps when necessary, while creating a more efficient, seamless supply chain.

Once we connect a partner with a client, we provide a professional services team to ensure a smooth onboarding.

No problem! If you have your own operating system, we can connect our technology to the backend. If you decide to use our technology, we can implement it at any point in the relationship.

In our McDonough facility, we support our customers’ needs with fine attention to detail. Aside from picking, packing, and shipping, our services include, but are not limited to: Extended storage, Microfulfillment, VAS, Cross Dock, Small Parcel Ecomm, Replenishment, B2B, D2C, and Kitting

“Our partnership with Verte helped us provide real-time visibility to our customers with one of the most advanced 3PL systems that unify data across selling channels and warehouses.”

Jesus Cruz


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